future as utopia

Reading Time: 4 minutes As much as the observation and diagnosis of states, in this case the state of the world, similar to medicine, is actually only an observational description, which, similar to a great revolution, knows no permanence, scientific research as a phenomenon always remains in a provisional state. The prescribed verification, falsification and processing of already existing […]

A scientist as an activist?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Activists against the “climate change” such as Last Generation are drawing into their activism more and more scientists. Greta Thunberg once asked her audiences that she wants the world listen to the scientists. Now that also scientists in some cases become activists themselves the discussion of such political engagement of scientists become a hefty argument. […]

You only can think…

Reading Time: 2 minutes …what you are: The human mind is a physical structure Reading the article Does mathematics really exist in the universe or is it just a human assumption? by Josh Anderson I want to drop a quick comment. It is a general idea and long-standing tradition inherent to such thinking and tinkering with similar questions which […]

Oh Martin !

Reading Time: 3 minutes About reading Heidegger Just finished reading “Was heißt denken” by Martin Heidegger. Initially the text is in pleasant ways not only challenging but also made me smile as being inherently witty. Later on, Heidegger gets hooked on explaining Nietzsches “Übermensch” in order to connect his assumption that “we still do not think” (“Das Bedenklichste ist, […]

L’art pour l’art

Reading Time: 11 minutes Gedanken über “Musik zum Selbstzweck” Auf das Wort vom “Selbstzweck” der Kunst in einem Gespräch kam mir spontan das Bedürfnis mit ein paar ausformulierten Gedanken zu reagieren. Ich möchte damit ein Feld öffnen für eine andere Sichtweise auf eine Musik, die von den meisten Menschen eher abgelehnt wird. Diese Ablehnung, oder nennen wir es Vorbehalte, […]

collapsology and why it matters to me

Reading Time: < 1 minute the road not taken The kings were potent onceThe queens indulging in vainVast possessions were theirsBut nowadays who cares? The rich are eating the same poisoned dishDrinking stinky water without fishBehind concrete wallsFacing the other side of my concrete wallsAnd breathing the same filthy airSaying it’s unfair. The real wall has crumbled,All mankind is humbledHuddled […]


Reading Time: 3 minutes Ein Beitrag zur Diskussion über “Musikalischen Sinn” Zum Beispiel bei Mozarts Sonate F-Dur, KV 332, I.Satz. Was ist aus der Musik »ablesbar«, was wirklich darüber sagbar, wenn ich mir die Frage stelle: Wie soll ich das spielen?Wo soll ich betonen, wie entsteht ein »musikalischer Sinn« und Zusammenhang? Was soll das überhaupt sein? Kann ich über […]

grit. Grit?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Just a minute ago I finished a read on “strengthening the personality. Nice. Who wouldn’t want to?! But what the hack was “grit”? I had to look it up and search for it: What? Sand? Streugut? What? No, it means – in German – “Mumm”. Well, and since a certain American President said, that Hillary […]

Die Welt ist …eine Abstraktion, eine Illusion?

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Die Karte ist nicht das Gebiet” – Alfred Korzybski Mir fiel dieser weithin bekannte Spruch ein (so ähnlich wie etwa unlängst “Wer nicht arbeitet, soll auch nicht essen”). Bei vielen Sprüchen ist es die Frage: Wer hat das gesagt? Und Aufgrund des Sprechers bewerte ich dann womöglich ganz anders.Den Spruch von „Die Landkarte ist nicht […]

zoon – a social being with social … distancing

Reading Time: 7 minutes The ambiguity of “distancing” is the theme: whoever “distances himself” not only takes distance in centimeters, but also mentally. The much-used word of “empathy” does not know any units of measurement. But if there were units of measurement, one would say here that distance increases, empathy decreases.