grit. Grit?

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Just a minute ago I finished a read on “strengthening the personality. Nice. Who wouldn’t want to?! But what the hack was “grit”? I had to look it up and search for it: What? Sand? Streugut? What? No, it means – in German – “Mumm”. Well, and since a certain American President said, that Hillary Clinton had no stamina, the word stamina got a strange taste, too. For me. Ok. Lets go. The guy who wrote a 12-point list of Don’ts put some nice things together. But I am not such a friend of Don’ts. Do-Nots. Donuts! Yes, maybe. So I come up with this “positive” twist of the list:

1. Create change
2. Embrace solitude
3. Focus on the presence and future
4. Water your strength
5. Be patient.
6. Accept failure.
7. You are unique.
8. Focus on what you can control.
9. Learn from your mistakes.
10. Being strong is your choice.
11. Take Action
12. Live and let live.

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