A Taste of Letting Go

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some folks are looking ahead what life will look like in coming months. Some, like me, are expecting a bizarre “new normal”. I am not looking forward to restart the monstrous machine, roaring desastrous productivity which no single human being was able to stop, until… you know the story. Now, that everything on this world […]

Gedanken für Danach

Reading Time: < 1 minute Was es jetzt braucht, ist das Danach. Wenn jetzt die Börsen ihre größten Wertsteigerungen verzeichnen, dann heißt das: Wir anderen, ohne Aktien, aber mit signifikanten Gehirnanteilen, sollten unseren Kurs ebenfalls steigen lassen. Es braucht ein **Manifest**. Es braucht neue Gruppen, Verbindungen zu und von Gruppen, die bestehen, und zu der politischen Partei der Grünen überall, […]

Where does time goes when I travel through space?

Reading Time: < 1 minute I asked my first question on “quora” and observed even, how bad my English is. Hack! Now, that is my question: What happens to the “old” images of a distant planet in space when I fly there and arrive and see “new” images? How do they become gradually “younger”? What happens to the images of […]

Internet is our collective… inconscious

Reading Time: 1 minute 1600 Square metres of ice broke apart now in the Antarctic. Size is London-size. The image of the “ice-berg” where you only see a tiny top reminds me of the “internet”. We don’t actually see much of it. Its more than an iceberg, of course, but less than a brain. Something inbetween. We don’t know, […]