Internet is our collective… inconscious

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1600 Square metres of ice broke apart now in the Antarctic. Size is London-size.

The image of the “ice-berg” where you only see a tiny top reminds me of the “internet”. We don’t actually see much of it. Its more than an iceberg, of course, but less than a brain. Something inbetween.

We don’t know, for god’s sake, what consciousness is. We might know more about, what in-conscious means. Something of an intelligence, working in the “background”. We know that every organism on earth is interconnected. Even if we don’t like the idea, that is the truth. And now a machine was made as a “copy” of “human brains” (yes, you might think about Genesis’ story of the creation of men), and alongside this “copy” is an interconnected inconscious. Strange, we believe more in being connected through the internet than being connected through our organismic existence, or consciousness or just for that, what we are: “human beings”.

Breaking away… a bit from the Internet… I just wonder what that could be!?

QUOTE: Canberra (dpa) – In der Antarktis ist ein riesiger Eisberg mit einer Fläche von rund 1600 Quadratkilometern abgebrochen – etwa so groß wie das Stadtgebiet von London.

Die Eismasse zwischen den australischen Forschungsstationen Davis und Mawson löste sich Mitte vergangener Woche, wie die australische Antarktis-Agentur AAD mitteilte. Der etwa 50 mal 30 Kilometer große Eisberg mit dem Namen “D28” war Teil des sogenannten Amery-Schelfeises der Ostantarktis.

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