A Taste of Letting Go

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Some folks are looking ahead what life will look like in coming months. Some, like me, are expecting a bizarre “new normal”. I am not looking forward to restart the monstrous machine, roaring desastrous productivity which no single human being was able to stop, until… you know the story.

Now, that everything on this world has come to a stand still, it is not only for a different look onto this planet with clear skies and birds singing in metropoles.
It is not only to decide that some of our habits were stupid and we can do better.

The point I want to make here is to taste what it needs really to change. A taste of letting go without some things for the sake of comfort, things created out of human’s pseudo needs which boil down to our inbuilt lazyness. The price tag for most of these things is simply to high to permit lazyness command our world. The English language knows a couple of expressions like: renouncing, let go of without, relinquish, to do without and alike. Ask the women rather than men how to do this. Men can hardly close their “circle” of potential activity, women can do this much easier, in fact, they are able to to do it for their biological nature, too. And: it is not a moral “sacrifice”, nor a religious one. It is not to make yourself suffer. It is the opposite: To live with more intensity, with more awareness what we human beings can do with our hands and what we are really, as a species on this planet. Think about that!

This is, where our thoughts, first, have to go, and, second, how to live with it. Only then we will be able to not fall back into that madness we were living until just … a month or two ago and dying.

There are enough people to make it happen. At the moment over 4 billion people are sitting somewhere in confinement. This would be somewhere like maybe 60% of the whole population. If everybody of us smarties find some friends, relatives and other people and convince them, we can make it!

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