Going Un-American, Un-English

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You know what a “default setting” is. It is when everything else fails.

But now is different.

For decades we have been guided – and also misguided – by the US of America. Everybody knows what the American way of life means. You know for yourself.

Now, witnessing this complete melt-down of morals and what seemed to be good and leading in the free world, the implosion of American way of conduct, I feel the need “de-Faulting” from the Americanicity of our to my own way of conduct, my own language. Anyway we need de-fault to the English language when it comes to blow the horn and bring out opinion and discuss.

You ask why I am saying this to you? Why am I telling you? Because: It is not about “nationalisation” or sort-of-conservative national idiocratic identitiy thingy, but about working with something I know better then just “communicate” in parenthesis on an abstract linguistic level, but in my own language. So when I am working to bring words and terms into my language – which happens to be a German language – it means that I can work with it in a better way: intellectually as well as emotionally. I have control over what I feel what I say. I don’t need to sound like an onimous pop-sound or some obsolete Hollywood movie dialgogue line. I don’t abandon my own language.

If you speak languages which had a major impact on the general culture – like German – you have to know what you are about to do: Nationalisms where sources of many evils. You have to have consciousness about this. But we also know, that literally everything lies in language.

In your language. In my language.

That is why I now desintoxicatie in going Un-American and default to my own mothertongue.

Thanks for watching. Thanks for taking care.


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