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Arriving on the bar of the re-re-vived Café Drechsler, one gets the feeling that the four girls behind the bar are having a good time, but working for themselves. Feeling completely ignored as a customer for a time span of minutes which seem an eternity, I start talking on my mind about what is going on.

I hate these situations, but they occur. Finally I employ a slightly raised volume, still in friendly words to order an espresso.

It works, and at a sudden all four are taking notice of my presence. Funny because I give a shit about their show -off coolness displayed. This is just yet another ordinary neo Café and no fancy Ibiza bar.

The word responsibility comes to my mind. Those girls are in their mid- twenties, and floating on a world view of hyper individualism, which comes with a proportional loss of caring and responsibility for others outside of their prefabricated perception.

Yes it is generational, yes it is also a question of age, and yes it’s a question of not knowing, a lack of true culture: Italian barista culture.

I have to ask the girl to wipe off the café she spilled when hitting the cups in front of me on the counter, jerking into my direction. no words of sorry or excuse, just a stupid face.

Responsibility hurts the individualist’s world view. This is true apokalypse: starting in the ego bubble.

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