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Great to have things in this world nobody knows to explain. Recently I was posting the question in knowledge forums about what happens I’d travel to a far distant star at light speed and would catch up with local time at that star. Most people actually didn’t get the question, and the others came up with unconvincing theories. My own and only answer is it that this case will never occur in my life. It’s irrelevant to have an answer. Fullstop.

The question about “what is qi?” sounds similar to the other question above. The answer however is relevant to me, and let me muse about my idea.

Qi, at least is not ONE thingy. The magic of it I compare to something like the following. If I ‘d say, “what does your symphony sound like?”, you might start to explain something about other people’s symphonies, like Beethoven’s fifth, but your own, future symphony is rather an idea in the making. And this is exactly my approach: the qi is your personal qi, an idea in the making by you. Do it yourself!

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