A Keyboard Layout for the German Language

Reading Time: 9 minutes blog Texteditor und Tastatur Wed May 1 11:57:22 CEST 2019 A ghost is wandering around when composing text on the computer: the good (?) old mechanical typewriter. NOTE: Although written in English language, the aim of this project is it to develope a keyboard(-layout) and editor for the German language. This is not for national […]

Where does time goes when I travel through space?

Reading Time: < 1 minute I asked my first question on “quora” and observed even, how bad my English is. Hack! Now, that is my question: What happens to the “old” images of a distant planet in space when I fly there and arrive and see “new” images? How do they become gradually “younger”? What happens to the images of […]

Internet is our collective… inconscious

Reading Time: 1 minute 1600 Square metres of ice broke apart now in the Antarctic. Size is London-size. The image of the “ice-berg” where you only see a tiny top reminds me of the “internet”. We don’t actually see much of it. Its more than an iceberg, of course, but less than a brain. Something inbetween. We don’t know, […]

Comfort zone (1)

Reading Time: < 1 minute When accidentally asked about current politics by a television team, building up in front of our main entrance I had a blitz feeling like those people walking into Downing Street 10 and alike… Into the idle recording mike and camera I said that near future will be less comfortable than the last 50 years have […]