life hacks?

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Reading “medium” now during six weeks it comes to me as more and more like a repeating “loop” of rather young-ish posters who accumulate more or less the same info from the internet into a category called “life hacks”. Whatever the implications of such a word are, it doesn’t work for me that way.

The basic problem is a daily rhythm of activities which might conflict heavily with partners and family.

What I am extracting from such aggregated “wisdom” are the concepts. It remains unclear to me what the aims of those “life-hackers” actually are. They seem to be fishing all in the same pond but for different reasons. One of those reasons is called “productivity”. Does this build a strange pyramid of priorities in social life in that everybody has to be very productive?

It is madness. If you are, say, 25 years, or maybe even 35, you might believe in such concepts which are to me theoretical and even forced. For how long will you keep up this “productivity” madness? Idealism isn’t always bad. But it isn’t always good either. Living together with other people requests probably a humble element in one’s own lifestyle. You need not only time to spend with them, but – more difficult to fit with ambitious daily schedules – you can’t always schedule those moments yourself.

Again: I keep excerpting ideas from those posts with diminishing curiosity. Some are interesting, maybe even helpful. Maybe I will try them out. The sheer amount of such “hacks” yet don’t fit in my life. I would become overwhelmed with such context and would have to replace an already adopted habit with a similar – better? – different one. I don’t need thousands of songs on my iPhone either.

It is like what I read in my research about keyboard-layouts. Someone said: “I don’t like fiddling with my muscle-memory”. It is true, that muscle-memory only comes with time spent doing some specific, repetitive actions. You can’t learn even two such activities at the same time, because you would be confused. Confusion is it what comes in the end. But I think I need more Confucius.

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