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My cat makes music. She is playing the piano. The result of the music is something inbetween Stockhausen, Xenakis or minor names, as if using graphic notation. Some notes here and there, “a-tonal” of course, maybe some “clusters”. (I should add an audio file hence I catch her doing those performances.

When Stefan Koelsch in his recent book “Good Vibrations” (2019; Klett) asks in the introduction what makes human beings different from animals, he answers: Music.
Sorry, Prof. Koelsch, this is bullshit. (As some more in that book.) My cat is making music. Maybe not so much what we – “human beings” ! – think what defines music.

Now to the point of all of this: I don’t want to make music in a style my cat can do. And I don’t believe in Stockhausen and contemporary shit any more when I think what it takes to “compose” music that sounds so much like a cat can do. Something is wrong there, people. Maybe some notes are wrong. Are we all going … cats?

PS. The cat JUMPS on the keyboard. Has she any ideas about frequencies? Tuning? Intervalls? Chords? Melody? Harmony? Polyphony etc etc . Nope!!!

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