You cannot get into time

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Asking the schoolboy, at breakfast, how we possibly could make a time-travel, he shruggs his shoulders. Right so. There is no way.

Is the “mental” me existing without my body? No. And consciousness is hardly to be deconnected from the body.


Time is no entity. Time is continuity. We don’t “split” time, we just assign markers to it: seconds, minutes, hours, days and other insignificant marker names. It doesn’t reach out to what time really is. If we could – COULD! – split time into sort-of atomic particles of time-segments/particle or such, we then could handle it. But there is no such thing as particles of time. When, for example, “light” gives us a hard time to know what it is, waves? particles? … or something else, then we have to say that time is yet another typ of animal.

Immagine time travel. Not only you would want to take your consciousness with you to register where you “arrive”, you might want to have a body, too. But you would never find that magic “point of origin” in time, because that “point” does not exist. Time is not to be “zoomed in” and getting to an atomic level where there is no more zooming further. There is no zooming-in anyway. Putting a lot of markers in a short time span is only a technical problem. Ontologically it doesn’t change anything.

If we are talking about billions of billions of years or about a milli-second: there is no difference. The question is only: What PROCESS is happening?

So: time is created by materia itself and materia defines “time-duration” by the process of changing/morphosis.

Time is a different category of existence, it is attached to existence.

When there was no universe, there was … no time.

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