A scientist as an activist?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Activists against the “climate change” such as Last Generation are drawing into their activism more and more scientists. Greta Thunberg once asked her audiences that she wants the world listen to the scientists. Now that also scientists in some cases become activists themselves the discussion of such political engagement of scientists become a hefty argument. […]

You only can think…

Reading Time: 2 minutes …what you are: The human mind is a physical structure Reading the article Does mathematics really exist in the universe or is it just a human assumption? by Josh Anderson I want to drop a quick comment. It is a general idea and long-standing tradition inherent to such thinking and tinkering with similar questions which […]

Oh Martin !

Reading Time: 3 minutes About reading Heidegger Just finished reading “Was heißt denken” by Martin Heidegger. Initially the text is in pleasant ways not only challenging but also made me smile as being inherently witty. Later on, Heidegger gets hooked on explaining Nietzsches “Übermensch” in order to connect his assumption that “we still do not think” (“Das Bedenklichste ist, […]