collapsology and why it matters to me

Reading Time: < 1 minute the road not taken The kings were potent onceThe queens indulging in vainVast possessions were theirsBut nowadays who cares? The rich are eating the same poisoned dishDrinking stinky water without fishBehind concrete wallsFacing the other side of my concrete wallsAnd breathing the same filthy airSaying it’s unfair. The real wall has crumbled,All mankind is humbledHuddled […]

grit. Grit?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Just a minute ago I finished a read on “strengthening the personality. Nice. Who wouldn’t want to?! But what the hack was “grit”? I had to look it up and search for it: What? Sand? Streugut? What? No, it means – in German – “Mumm”. Well, and since a certain American President said, that Hillary […]

A Taste of Letting Go

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some folks are looking ahead what life will look like in coming months. Some, like me, are expecting a bizarre “new normal”. I am not looking forward to restart the monstrous machine, roaring desastrous productivity which no single human being was able to stop, until… you know the story. Now, that everything on this world […]


Reading Time: < 1 minute Zur Situation von Theater in der Zukunft mit jemandem mich unterhalten. Es werden wohl weniger Leute in Ansammlungen gehen. Kino, Oper, Theater, Konzert. Wird es die Hälfte sein? Oder ein Drittel? Werden die Quoten in der Freien Szene noch magerer ausfallen, oder wird man die Quoten fallen lassen? Wie wird sich das auf ein “Exzellenz-Denken” auswirken: […]

Der “Covid-19 Gap”

Reading Time: < 1 minute Heute fiel mir ein neues Wort ein: Der “Covid-19-Gap” Damit meine ich einen angenommenen Verlust aller denkbaren ond möglichen Vorgänge, die stattgefunden hätten ohne den eingetretenen Stillstand der Gesellschaft. In jeglicher denkbarer Hinsicht entsteht hier eine Anti-Materie zu dem, was ursprünglich vorgesehen war. Die Frage, die sich daraus ergibt, ist, inwieweit das, was vorgesehen war, […]

Love, and good and bad energy?

Reading Time: 3 minutes We just crossed the two neighbours, Mister Franz who is now 82 years, and his charming wife, slightly younger. They entertain a positive and friendly outlook into the world, so it’ s always nice to meet Mister Franz. They will be going to Venice next week and slightly the conversations changes the temperature, as Mister […]

A Keyboard Layout for the German Language

Reading Time: 9 minutes blog Texteditor und Tastatur Wed May 1 11:57:22 CEST 2019 A ghost is wandering around when composing text on the computer: the good (?) old mechanical typewriter. NOTE: Although written in English language, the aim of this project is it to develope a keyboard(-layout) and editor for the German language. This is not for national […]