Gedanken für Danach

Reading Time: < 1 minute Was es jetzt braucht, ist das Danach. Wenn jetzt die Börsen ihre größten Wertsteigerungen verzeichnen, dann heißt das: Wir anderen, ohne Aktien, aber mit signifikanten Gehirnanteilen, sollten unseren Kurs ebenfalls steigen lassen. Es braucht ein **Manifest**. Es braucht neue Gruppen, Verbindungen zu und von Gruppen, die bestehen, und zu der politischen Partei der Grünen überall, […]

Love, and good and bad energy?

Reading Time: 3 minutes We just crossed the two neighbours, Mister Franz who is now 82 years, and his charming wife, slightly younger. They entertain a positive and friendly outlook into the world, so it’ s always nice to meet Mister Franz. They will be going to Venice next week and slightly the conversations changes the temperature, as Mister […]

Toscani’s Morandi breakdown

Reading Time: 3 minutes About collapsing bridges, campaigns and governments. (A part of “collapsology”) Note: I am interested in “collapsology”. I don’t see why it should be restricted as a term to mere “survival” attitude and research of a possible end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it. Saying that such an end might be a creeping, slow process, what I guess it might very well […]

Beethovens Therapeut

Reading Time: < 1 minute … ist nicht unbekannt. Es gab keinen. Und dabei hätte der angebliche “Rebel” (NY Times, heute) dringend einen gebraucht. Dann hätte er vielleicht auch nicht so sehr eines Arztes bedurft. Mit einem Wort: das Wunder Beethovens und seiner WUT (Leberzirrhose!) ist wohl nur das Ergebnis mentalen Leides eine sehr unglücklichen Kindheit. Macht die Kinder glücklich, […]

Changing habits

Reading Time: < 1 minute To words that seem to have little to say, as banal s they seem. It occurs to me to understand that on one hand it works not be exaggerated to say that we are habits, we are layered habits, multitude of habits, seamlessly glued together to what we believe to be our free will. And, […]

Self Discipline?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Self Discipline, time Management? Great! But what if you have a family? What does it take to cut out the time for you and you alone? They need you, you need them. Working alone means alone, no-one interfering. It’s a discipline inside the discipline, to stay easy and smooth: your habit becomes their habit. And […]


Reading Time: < 1 minute Arriving on the bar of the re-re-vived Café Drechsler, one gets the feeling that the four girls behind the bar are having a good time, but working for themselves. Feeling completely ignored as a customer for a time span of minutes which seem an eternity, I start talking on my mind about what is going […]

More qi

Reading Time: < 1 minute Great to have things in this world nobody knows to explain. Recently I was posting the question in knowledge forums about what happens I’d travel to a far distant star at light speed and would catch up with local time at that star. Most people actually didn’t get the question, and the others came up […]